Immigration Medical Services              
Medical Requirements for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)   

Primary and Urgent Care              
$30 to $100 based upon complexity.  

$50 to $100 based upon complexity, age, gender.

Screening Tools
Screening tools and tests for Heart, Hepatitis, HIV, Cholesterol, PSA, Drug Screen, Colon Screens and STD.

UltraSound Treatment

Vaccines and Immunization
Flu, Hepatitis, Pneumonia, Shingles, HPV, Tetanus, Flu, VITB12 and  Allergy Shots.

Preventive Health Education

Onsite X-Ray and Ultrasound
Referral for imaging like X-Ray, Cat Scan, Ultrasound and MRI Scans.

Generic Drugs and antibiotics available onsite at discounted prices (Coming Soon).

 Women's Health is being Organized (Coming Soon).


Visit us at :
625 N. Highland Ave
Murfreesboro, TN - 37130
Next to MTMC
Phone: (615) 904-8911
Fax :    (615) 907-3388

Extended Clinic Hours:
Mon-Fri:   8:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday: Closed

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  • Comprehensive Adult Care & Preventive Health
  • Continuity of Care in the Hospital
  • Expedient Care using Electronic Records